September Montana Whitetail Archery Deer

September Montana Whitetail Archery Deer

Our September whitetail deer hunts are becoming more popular with Pope and Young bucks taken each year during these early season hunts with a very high overall success rate. Montana’s archery season generally starts the first weekend in September. This is probably one of the best times to harvest your biggest bucks outside of the November rut. This gives bow hunters a very good opportunity to harvest mature bucks still keying in on late summer/early autumn food sources on a more predictable travel pattern to and from their bedding areas. 

The first week in September also offers a very unique opportunity to harvest a trophy whitetail buck still in velvet while seeing bucks in their respected bachelor groups. Lots of bucks will be traveling to the food sources well before sunset which can give hunters a excellent chance to see multiple mature bucks in the same evening pass by their stands. This is an awesome time to hunt big bucks before they become less visible and a little harder to pattern the biggest bucks. Usually this is most evident towards late October into early November just before the rut kicks into high gear.

Late September hunts still offer some fantastic hunting as they are under very limited pressure and are feeding heavily in preparation for the upcoming winter months and the rut that coincides with it in November. We rotate ranches and areas within ranches to keep fresh hunting areas for clients coming through September. Some of these areas are getting hunted for the first time all season well after opening day. Archery hunting in Montana during this time of the year you'll experience cooler temperatues, new bucks showing up, Fall colors on the Aspen leaves, and great whitetail deer bow hunting! The atmosphere in September while setting on stand here in Montana reaches a all time high when you start seeing whitetails pile onto the food sources long before the sun starts to set. Actually, most of our late September weeks are full of repeat customer's, which says a lot about that time period for bow hunting here in Montana. We have harvested some truly impressive Pope and Young whitetails during late September.

Our private river bottom leases have some of the best food sources found in the area with irrigated alfalfa, wheat, barley, and oats. These food sources are exciting to watch as these Montana whitetails converge onto these food sources like there’s no tomorrow. September bow hunting here in Montana is truly an enjoyable experience that is becoming more and more popular with trophy whitetail hunters seeking additional opportunities. If you enjoy seeing lots of deer from your stand, September is a great “pre-season” vacation. 

Nearly all of our September hunts take place on field edges and within travel corridors between feeding and bedding areas. This allows us to hunt mature bucks without entering into their core bedding areas and educating them. Once a mature buck knows he is being hunted, he is almost un-harvestable until the urge of breeding brings him back out in daylight hours again. We have stands on each ranch that allow us very productive early season success for our archery hunters. Most of our September hunters are seeing lots of whitetails each day. Opportunities at quality bucks are very good at this time of year. This is not a guaranteed hunt as these whitetails are wild, free roaming deer in their natural environment. However, this is truly a fantastic time to enjoy the Montana outdoor hunting experience like you‘ve never seen before. 

The weather is usually comfortable with some days very warm and others cool. The morning temperatures can average from 10 - 40 degrees with mid day temperatures from 40 - 85 degrees. So bring clothing in layers so you can more easily change with the conditions. Early September can bring all kinds of unpredictable weather which sometimes hinders deer movement with severe thunderstorms and hotter than normal temperatures. Full moon mornings can be tough with food sources abundant, these deer don't have far to travel from food to bed. Good moisture during the Spring can bring about tough hunting conditions as deer will be spread out until frosts start knocking down the natural forage forcing deer onto the irrigated crop fields. 

Overall, September is awesome for early season archery whitetail hunting. Most of our early season bow hunters hunt the mornings and afternoons. Leaving the midday for other activities to be enjoyed during your week. Although deer are usually seen throughout the midday as well, mornings and evenings are your most productive times to be on stand. These early season hunts can offer midday activities that include fantastic trout fishing, sight seeing and taking pictures if you have a rental car, target practice, watching a hunting video, planning the evening hunt, resting, or simply just hanging out and enjoying good ol’ hunting Camaraderie.

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