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Dave Weaver - elk/whitetail archery hunt - PA 717-991-4604 | Email

Dave D’aloise - whitetail bow hunting - Lewiston, NY 716-754-4767

Dan Hodder - whitetail/elk bow hunting - MI 248-872-4086

John McRae - archery elk hunt - PA 610-235-7336

Donovan Farely - elk/whitetail rifle hunting - WV 304-382-8467

Tom Mullen - whitetail bow hunting - Tunbridge, VT 802-777-3112

Ward Butler - whitetail bow hunting - Bellefonte, PA 570-419-4856

Aaron Kitzman - mule deer/antelope/whitetail - Vincennes, IN 812-887-1296

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I hunted with Montana Whitetails in 2013... without a doubt the best week of whitetail hunting of my life!! I went there for a week in early November when the rut was just kicking in. I saw more mature bucks, in that week than I have in the past 10 years of hunting in my home state of Virginia. The place is truly incredible.. and I was lucky enough to fill my tag on a beautiful 10 pt. the 3rd morning after passing up some other 120+ class bucks. I'm hoping I can return this year and if not, definitely the next. -- Matthew Neely, VA

Just got back from a trip of a lifetime with the Miller brothers! Montana Whitetails is the place to go! I have been to numerous outfitters and this one by far was the most accommodating, most fun, and provided me with the trophy Montana elk and whitetail I dreamed of! I couldn't thank you enough for everything you did and you can be sure we will be out again! -- Brian Hester, VA

I've been to Montana Whitetails 3 times so far and plan to hunt there again this year. The hospitality is great and Keith is a real professional when it comes to putting hunters in the right place to get a shot at a trophy whitetail buck. While you're on stand, there is usually quite a bit of activity going on so it never gets boring! Every time I've been out to hunt with Keith I've gotten at least one good shot at wall deer (one that I would be proud to hang on my wall!). The accommodations are clean and well kept and the food is a wonderful treat to come back to after being afield all day. For me, its just a wonderful experience and if I don't get a deer, well then, it is usually my fault not Montana Whitetails! --Ross Lobell, MI

Montana Whitetails is truly a top notch hunting experience located in the shadows of the Crazy Mountains! Game is extremely plentiful along with some great scenery. I have experienced Montana Whitetails twice with my wife coming along on my first trip. She had the time of her life just enjoying the scenery and wildlife. Seeing hundreds of deer ( Muley's & Whitetails), 100+ Antelope and Elk on a daily basis is normal! On my first trip a shot a gorgeous Antelope that just missed B&C standards along with a 5 X 5 Muley and still had plenty of time to enjoy Yellowstone Park. On my second trip, I ended up with a beautiful Antelope Buck & Doe, 5 X 4 Muley Buck and Doe, Merriam's Gobbler and two Hungarian partridge as the upland bird hunting is fantastic! --Alan Ciesla, NY

What can I say that really state how much I love this place, well maybe 7 years in a row going there having a phenomenal time. Great hunt, never a minute on stand where you don't have that feeling that it might happen right there right now, you all know what I mean. I killed 5 deer there between 120"-135". I have seen few 150", I will go back again. Treat yourself and book a hunt, you will not regret it. -- Gibo Debiase, FL

This was my first time out to Montana and I had an outstanding time. The first day out I got a nice mule deer. During the course of week I was there I could not believe the trophy whitetails I saw every day. On Thursday I got a really nice 6 by 6 Elk. Keith and Bill know the area really well and know how the game moves on the property. I saw antelope, moose, whitetail and mule deer continually while I was there. I would highly recommend Montana Whitetails to anyone. I plan on going back to bowhunt in the near future. --Burt Reed, NY

I had a great time and was fortunate to hunt with five other hunters, who I met on this hunt. The guides worked very to make our hunt as enjoyable as possible. they put us in very good habitat which caused us to be in the area of a lot of game. The food was delicious and very well prepared. --Joe Baglio, CA

This was my second yearly hunt with Montana Whitetails. My first hunt in 2012 was a fantastic success. I harvested my first elk, a beautiful 6 x 6 and, a fantastic whitetail. The hunt was so great it caused me to book a deer and antelope hunt in 2013 that was also great. I harvested a beautiful whitetail and an antelope. The game was plentiful! I saw elk, eagles, turkeys, and moose along with whitetails and mule deer. I even did some fly fishing on the shields river near lodge. The lodge is extremely nice and the food is fantastic. Keith, Steve, and Rob are excellent Hosts, and guides seeing to everyone's needs. The chef provided excellent food all week. I am returning again this fall anticipating another great hunt! --Jude Burgess, VT

The guys at Montana Whitetails did an excellent job at hosting us for our first hunt in Montana. Our target species was whitetail and there was no lack of quality game in those river bottoms. Rob/Steve/Keith did an excellent job at reading the weather and reports on game movement to ensure that each hunter was set up for success. Top that off with great trout fishing, beautiful scenery, excellent accommodations, great food, fun camaraderie, and you have the hunt of a lifetime! --Michael Brookhart, NY

Can't say enough good things about hunting with this outfitter and the quality of their hunt. Have been there three years in a row and going again this 2014 season. Incredible Rocky Mountain Montana river bottom setting where you see an incredible amount of animals at an incredible camp with outfitter/guides that really do everything they can to make your hunt and overall experience outstanding as well as successful from the standpoint of getting you a shot opportunity. They put their time in. You can easily see 50-60 different bucks in a weeks hunt and sometimes more. Saw moose, elk, pronghorns, mule deer, black bear, grouse, pheasants, eagles, and shot a coyote one year. You never know what'll walk by when you're on stand. Not to mention the great trout fishing out the back door of the lodge. Have been to other outfitters but nothing came close to this well appointed, low key, gentlemen s, hunt/vacation - and they're gracious and appreciative that you're there to boot. --John Olin, NJ

I was born, raised and hunted in Montana. However, my brother, father and I had never hunted together due to lifes circumstances and the age difference of my brother and I. Our father had pretty much hung up his rifle when we searched and found MT Whitetails who were willing to work work with us to provide a final hunt for the three of us. They did a great job of getting all three of us into deer and ultimately we all three took very nice whitetails. My dad was as happy as can be and I can not thank Steve and Rob enough for the experience they helped make happen. --David Whitcomb, MT

This was my second time hunting with Montana Whitetails and I will be back again. Keith does a great job managing his leases and has so many stands scattered about the river bottom that you are guaranteed to get an opportunity at a good buck. Betty's cooking is always tasty and the new beds were extremely comfortable. Do yourself a favor and hunt with Montana whitetails, Keith runs a quality operation! --Robert Wilkinson, VA

"I saw a TON of deer every day, saw about 9 or 10 shooter bucks, probably 100 smaller bucks. Bill and Keith did Everything they could to put me on a shooter including moving stands where I asked them to. killed a beautiful 10 pointer on the last half hour of the last night to finish off an awesome hunt. I highly recommend these guys for an awesome Montana adventure!" --Joseph Layton, NJ

"My hunt at Montana Whitetails was a remarkable experience, I hunted the second week in September and it was a very good hunting experience. The deer movement was amazing! I was able to see 20 to 30 deer in a sit. The hunting was amazing because not only did I see whitetail deer, but I saw mule deer, antelope, moose, and sometimes even elk. There was never a dull moment in the hunts, I hunted hard for 6 days and Keith did everything he could to make my hunt a success. I was able to connect on a very nice 134 inch 9 point at only 20 yards. I saw many shooter bucks from ranges of 140" and some even 150" +. The lodge is very nice, its clean and has that homey feel, and not to mention the cooking is great! Your never hungry after dinner. Everybody in the lodge gets along and helps make your trip that much better. I would definitely recommend this to any hunter that is looking for a very good hunting trip with a good success rate and great times. I know I will definitely be back to do it again."

--Vincenzo Quigliano, NY

"Hi Keith, I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what a great couple of hunts I had with you and Rob in 2011 and again in 2012. First of all I would also like to thank my good friend Mark Gottschaulk for doing all the research on literally a dozens or more outfitters and ultimately choosing Montana Whitetails for our hunt of a lifetime. Great Job Mark! Mark made his decision based on several conversations he had with you on the phone. He felt your style of hunting, personality and the Shields River would be a good matchup for a couple of Michigan bow hunters. He was right.

In 2011 we hunted with a great group of guys including Michigan Archery Hunting Legend Bob Eastman. The accommodations and meals exceeded our expectations. I was equally impressed with how you had set up all the tree stands and had predicted the deer movement and presented us all with several good practical opportunities on quality animals. On my third opportunity I was finally able to calm down enough to harvest a nice velvet 8 point. This was the buck we had to shoe the giant black bear away from in order to recover this nice buck. Your patients and words of encouragement where very commendable on this hunt. Then you were able to provide me with my first Elk hunting experience. I didn’t score on the elk but I did have a great encounter and pledged to return to get the job done. My good friend Mark scored a nice Shields River buck the last morning of our hunt. We drove back to Michigan planning our return trip all the way home.

In 2012 I returned with my younger brother Randy and again you and your staff provided yet another great hunt of a lifetime. Another great group of hunters including Jeff Millar from Bow hunter Magazine and TV. And a couple of Deer Thugs. Keith I believe and like the fact that you and Rob work hard for all your guest and don’t give any special treatment or opportunities to only a chosen few. Both years I noticed you and Rob worked hard for all you guest regardless of who they were, where they came from or how much experience they had. Special treatment and opportunity for all! “Thank you” Again you showed great patients. I was finally able to harvest another nice shields river buck and five minutes later a nice doe. My brother Randy and I had several close encounters with Elk throughout the week but were not able to capitalize on the opportunities you and Rob presented us. I hope to return again someday and harvest my first Elk with Montana Whitetails. Keith I must say you have some of the most sacred land I have ever had the privilege of hunting on. Keith Thanks again for two great hunts. God willing I will return someday soon. Feel free to use me as a reference any time."

Best Regards
Dan Hodder
248 872 4086 (Michigan)

"If you are looking for a Western river bottom hunt, Montana Whitetails Inc. is the place and Keith Miller, owner operator is the guy. Located on the Shields River near Wilsall Montana. My seven day bow hunt was easily the best hunting week of my 30 year hunting career. I literally saw hundreds of whitetail deer and had many good shot opportunities at quality bucks. I also saw, Elk, Moose, Black Bears, Mule deer & Antelope. Keith’s knowledge of the deer and other game movement in his area is meticulous, his pursuit to put you in the right spot for success is non-stop. Keith has over 170 tree stands covering 8 miles of river bottom!

The accommodations are very comfortable and has everything you need, along with excellent and plentiful home cooked meals. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me."
- Mark Gottschalk

Contact info: email  or call 586-709-4459

"Once, Twice definitely not enough times yet to experience everything Keith has to offer a hunter. Accommodations are very comfortable and relaxing-(maybe to relaxing). When it is finally time to get out hunting you can't beat your chances for success and the quality of game is superb! The atmosphere is family friendly, for sure a great place to get a younger un-experienced kid hooked on hunting for life. They will be in awe at the number of animals they see. Stalking Mule Deer & Antelope with a rifle is a perfect way to really check out how beautiful Montana really is!!!" Mark Kwasnewski -Blasdell NY

I was really skeptical on my trip to Montana Whitetails, we were going somewhere new and it was our first time elk hunting. From the time we where picked up at the airport we were put at ease. Our group was first time hunters to Montana. We have been deer and bear hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada for years. We hunted Montana in mid November and the elk were grouped up and hard to hunt. Steve and Rob worked so hard in those conditions to make sure my son and I had opportunities at elk. Steve ended up with frost bite in those conditions, he gave it his all during that week. I am from now on a loyal customer to these guys. One thing I can advise is you better be ready to walk and work. That's why it's called hunting, these guys will get you on the animals. Again, I can't stress enough the hunting is second to none, if you don't like being at Montana Whitetails I would recommend giving up hunting. Also, the support of local businesses after the harvest from taxidermy and meat processing is all good folks to work with and very accommodating. - - Donovan Farley, WV

"Montana Whitetails is the only place I’ve ever gone and hunted and had a desire to return to every year. These guys are great to be around, they are outstanding guides, and their sense of humor is unmatched by any other outfitter I’ve seen. I can honestly say that Keith and Rob are probably the best 2 hunters I’ve run across. When you hunt at Montana whitetails, you’re guide is not just a guide that is simply there to shuffle hunters in and out and turn a profit. These guys are every bit as serious, ethical, and dedicated hunters as you are. They are also every bit as determined to give you opportunities at game as you are to get those opportunities.

I still had a few days left after harvesting my Antelope buck, so I asked about calling coyotes. I can’t say as though I’ve ever been covered up in bugling elk when I was out calling coyotes before….it was awesome…there were 40 of them out there and at least 6 were bulls. It was the first time I’d ever seen elk in the wild, and was more than happy to let the coyotes live as a trade off for watching all these elk. It was truly an amazing sight!

After spending a little time trout fishing, and helping some guys recover game, I learned that I could purchase a whitetail doe tag over the counter. I killed my doe pretty early in the evening, and then just hung my bow up and watched. I am used to deer hunting in Indiana and assumed that doe was likely all that would pass by…maybe one or two more at the most. I was wrong. I had 17 different does walk under my stand that evening, and saw every bit of 100 deer in the field behind me. In fact, I saw more whitetail deer that week than I’ve ever seen in my life….they are everywhere out there.

They do an outstanding job of getting everyone several opportunities at game, they make you feel right at home, and they put forth more effort than I’ve ever seen when it comes to making sure people are where they need to be. This was definitely a hunt that I’ll remember fondly for the rest of my life, and honestly, even if I were to come home empty handed it would still have been the best hunting experiences (possibly overall experiences) of my life." --Aaron Kitzman - Indiana

"Big Sky, Huge prairies, and gorgeous rivers, not to mention lot's of deer. What a great place to Bow hunt Big Whitetail Deer. Montana Whitetail's has it all, great accommodations, as well as stand locations, it is every Whitetail deer hunters dream. I'll be back." - "Del" DelMastro, Oxford, CT

"I have been privileged to bowhunt numerous mid-Western and Western states and as far as consistent action and numbers of bucks seen while in the treestand I have never been to a better spot. The different types of wildlife you may see on any watch makes the time fly when hunting with Keith. The best thing about Montana Whitetails is that Keith and Bob are bowhunters and understand the quarry and the strategy to harvest big bucks. This place has it all, comfortable camp, good guiding, good food and Shield River trout fishing, it's just a great week. Any further questions call Dan Alleman." - Dan Alleman D.D.S., Camphill, PA

3rd hunt in 2009 with Keith and Bill, and headed back for the next two years (at least). Amazing place! If you want to see lots of deer, this is the place for you. Easy hunting conditions for old guys like me. Level walking to most stands. Betty cooks some great evening meals. Breakfast and lunch are basic fare. Expect to see dozens of bucks within bow range, and incredible scenery. I have personally seen over two dozen bucks on one evening watch! Our October pre-rut have ranged from short sleeve temps to snow and teens. Can't imagine a better place to bowhunt whitetails. Two of my sons have shot their "best ever" bucks with Keith. - Bob Fritz, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Anybody looking for a truly exciting hunt should check out Montana Whitetails, I was out there this past November and it was one the most action pack hunting experience I have ever experienced hunting whitetails. From the  moment you get in the stand you see buck activity. After rattling in a couple of nice bucks I rattled in a nice 10 point and filled my tag. The accommodation were great and Keith and Bill are always willing to help you out. Thanks again for a great hunt and can’t wait to next season." - Jim Mordeno, Grand Island, New York

"When he was at 10 yards I stopped him and made the shot. The 10pt. made a small circle and dropped within sight, just on the other side of the river. The buck scored 124 3/8". I'd like to thank Keith and Bill for the work they put into these hunts. There were times when they went out in the middle of the night to put up new stands for hunters to give them the best chance for success. Thanks again guys, I had a great time"! - Chris Herb, Elizabethville, Pennsylvania

"I have been hunting with Montana Whitetails since 2003 and I can tell you that I keep going back for one very simple reason. The river bottoms around Keith Miller’s leases are as game rich an area as I could ever hope to find. I have been fortunate enough to hunt with outfitters and DIY in states like New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin and Nebraska and I have never been exposed to the non stop action that I see in Wilsall, Montana. For 12 months a year Keith Miller scours these river bottoms looking for sign, travel patters or anything else he can find to help put clients on deer. This hard works pays off and can be seen on the picture page of his website. Camp life is fantastic, to say the very least. The house is comfortable and there is even satellite TV (you have to be able to watch the outdoor channel). And the food? Plan on putting on weight during your stay. If you are thinking of spending some time chasing other critters . . . . don’t overlook this place. The Shields River Basin is home to Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Antelope, Black Bear and any number of small game. Keith Miller runs one of the finest operations that I have ever hunted with and I would offer my recommendation without hesitation. If you would like more information please feel free to drop me an e-mail. - John Lenox, Little Genesee, New York

P.S.: I can’t forget to tell you about the fishing in the Shields River. Bring and ultra light rod and some spinners for after you fill your buck tag.

"I have been very lucky in my lifetime to have taken 20+ out of state hunts. Without question Montana Whitetails is the very best that I have EVER experienced. In one week I saw over 1000 deer with 300 of them being bucks. Now, not all of them were in range but boy was it fun to watch and experience. In 2005 I ended up shooting a 132" 8pt. that dressed out at 210lbs. Ten minutes before that I missed a 12pt. that had an even larger body. 2006 will be the fourth year in a row that I will be going back. The entire operation from the guides, the cooking, the accommodations and of course the best hunting that I have ever seen. If you are like me and taking an out of state hunt means a lot of sacrifices both financially and personally, then you really want the very best. If you love to bow hunt and want to see tons of deer, give Montana Whitetails a call. Or, you can call me at (716) 754-4767. I love to pass along good information to fellow hunters."
- Dave Daloise, New York

"I have been hunting in the Midwest for trophy whitetail for many years. I saw more "shooter" bucks in 3 days at Montana whitetails than I did in 2 weeks in the mid west. Montana Whitetails is a place for every serious deer hunter to consider. I enjoyed the hunt so much I'll be back every year." - Adam Flod, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"I had one of the best hunts of my life with Montana Whitetails. I highly recommend it to my friends and any one who will listen. Thanks for a very professional hunt! Sincerely." - Ron Parker, Spring Creek, Nevada

"Hi Keith, Steve, and Rob

I couldn’t leave for Japan without saying again what a great experience Manfred and I had last week.  You entire staff at Montana Whitetails did an awesome job in every way, and I’m sure we’ll return soon. If you want to use me as a reference, please have any potential client call or email me.  If you’d like something to add to your references. Email: 

Pat Leper - OH

"My 2005 hunt with Montana Whitetails ranks near the top of my “Best Hunts” list. Good people, good food, fantastic scenery and, most importantly, lots of big whitetail bucks. I saw more Pope and Young-class bucks in one week than most people will see in a lifetime. In November 2006 I’ll be back with my cameraman to tape another episode of Bowhunter Magazine TV." - Brian Fortenbaugh, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Montana Whitetails really understands what it takes for bowhunters to be successful. What was amazing to me was the number of fully mature bucks that I saw, not to mention the shot opportunities! Take all that and add trout streams, mountain ranges, and tons of wildlife, its an awesome place to hunt." - Jason Fuller, Flushing, Michigan