Montana Mule Deer Hunting Trips

Rifle Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter: We offer a limited amount of guided trophy mule deer firearm hunts each season. We have thousands of acres of Montana private property with exclusive hunting rights. This property contains prime mule deer habitat covered with sage hillsides, coulees, and brushy draws with most of the mule deer terrain bordered by agriculture. Our leases hold a large mule deer herd that can be hunted with a rifle starting the 4th week of October. Late October is a great time to plan a rifle mule deer hunt. Because the number of mule deer hunters with guns are limited, we have had close to 100% success on these fun-filled hunts.

Very few people ever take advantage of the great trophy mule deer hunting that we can offer. You will look over a lot of younger mule deer bucks in order to find the more mature bucks. With lots of ground to cover, It's usually just a matter of time before settling the cross-hairs on your mule deer trophy. Our good mule deer tend not to be the largest in the West, but with so many, it's truly a lot of fun hunting them. Our average "good or trophy mule deer" will probably range in the 135" - 150" class with a few bigger and a lot of smaller bucks. This is some open country hunting so sight in your rifle accordingly. Bring shooting sticks or attach a bi-pod to your rifle for a good solid rest. A high quality pair of optics is also recommended. Most of our rifle hunters prefer to spot and stalk or set up over looking a vast valley or drainage in the morning and evenings. For some hunters that require 4 wheel drive transportation, this is not a problem, Just let us know. This is a fairly easy hunt that can be very rewarding.

Archery Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter: Guided spot and stalk bow hunting for trophy mule deer in scenic Montana can be a very exciting adventure. In years with good moisture, most of our mule deer stick to the rolling hills just off the river bottom which provides a variety of foods such as Bitter bush, chokecherry, serviceberry, grasses and forbs. With plenty of room on our leases to spot and stalk, and very little hunting pressure, you will have ample opportunities to try an outwit your trophy. Using the terrain layout which features sage covered ridges, breaks, and draws, you can create a course of action by spotting from a vantage point, then stalking your target.    

Our leases hold a large mule deer herd which can be trouble sometimes when stalking a particular buck. Once you locate a target animal, careful glassing and finding bedded (non-target animals such as does and younger bucks) are essential in planning your stalk. Using the wind to your favor along with careful planning is critical, with patience being the key to success. A range finder is also a crucial tool for success in this type of hunting. These bow hunts are a lot of fun and an effective way to harvest a trophy mule deer without putting any pressure on our river bottom whitetail areas. Late September into early October is a good time to bow hunt for mule deer. We will book only 1 or 2 archery mule deer hunting trips during a single week in September. This way we can offer a very large area for our mule deer hunter(s) to work with due to the additional acreage needed that a spot and stalk hunt requires. This spot and stalk mule deer hunt can be done with or without assistance from a guide, a 1 on 1 service carries a small additional fee.  

These mule deer can also be hunted early in the season along the river bottom with a bow over alfalfa, wheat, barley, or oats. There are some productive early season stands set up that will allow you to watch both mule deer and whitetails utilize the same food sources. In years that are dry late into fall, mule deer seek out the more succulent forage along the river bottom along with the whitetails. Your best bet when bow hunting for mule deer in the river bottom is to have the mindset of taking a trophy whitetail or a mule deer buck from these stands. You will probably have more opportunities at whitetails but it sure is fun to sit their with that option of taking either. You can look through our website to see some of our nicer mule deer bucks that where taken on our leases. There are not many because we simply haven’t advertised the mule deer hunting very much and with most people booking trophy whitetail hunts, only a handful of people have hunted trophy mule deer on our leases. These animals have almost zero hunting pressure on them and provide you a great opportunity to harvest a trophy Montana mule deer.


Prices include meals, lodging, and transportation pick-up/delivery to camp from Bozeman airport. License cost are the responsibility of the hunter/client. License costs subject to change yearly outside the control of Montana Whitetails, Inc.

5 Day Trophy Mule Deer Hunt: $6,995.00

7 Day Trophy Mule Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt: $9,495.00

7 Day Trophy Mule Deer/Elk Combo Hunt: $16,995.00


Gratuities are greatly appreciated by the guides and cook as this is a significant portion of their income. This is a reflection to them of a job well done. An average guide tip is typically 15-20% of the cost of the hunt. If you feel that your guide exceeded expectations, that will often be rewarded by exceeding 20%.


  • Archery or combo hunts are from Sat to Sat - Arrive Sat., Depart following Sat., Hunt 6 days Sun - Fri.
  • 5 day Rifle hunts are from Sat to Thurs - Arrive Sat., Depart Thurs., Hunt 4 days Sun - Wed.


Hunt #1 First week in Sept. 
Hunt #2 Second week in Sept. 
Hunt #3 Third week in Sept.
Hunt #4 Fourth week in Sept.
Hunt #5 First week in Oct. 
Hunt #6 Second week in Oct.


Hunt #7 Fourth week in Oct. 
Hunt #8 First week in Nov.
Hunt #9 Second week in Nov. 
Hunt #10 Third week in Nov. (Rut Hunt) 
Hunt #11 Fourth week in Nov. (Rut Hunt) 

(Please check with us for the current dates set by Montana FWP)

*All hunters, including bow hunters coming during the rifle/archery weeks must bring at least 400 square inches of orange to be worn at all times. (equivalent to a vest.)