Here we have some useful information for clients getting ready for their hunting trip.


Hunting License Information: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Website

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Camp Rules

Hello from Montana Whitetails, we welcome you to Montana and our camp. We here at Montana Whitetails are all
experienced bow hunters and know first hand what our hunters want to expect in a quality hunt. Please feel free to ask us
anything to make your hunt more enjoyable as we will work hard at providing you a memorable bow hunting experience.
These rules are in place to ensure all clients have a safe, successful , and enjoyable time hunting with us. Thank you in
advance for your cooperation...Keith Miller, Outfitter License #11547.


  1. No smoking in the house or vehicles.
  2. Montana law prohibits non-residents who are working with an outfitter to hunt on grounds alone.
  3. There will be no walking around stands to see what lays on the other side of the fence. This destroys a quality hunt by
    bumping deer and spreading scent all over the area. Stands are set up to take advantage of the prevailing winds and
    hunted sparingly to assure the element of surprise. Mature bucks will not tolerate intrusions into there core bedding
    areas. Leaving the stands by yourself is prohibited. This also assures no boundaries are crossed unintentionally. If
    anyone is caught walking around their stands, they will hunt that stand the rest of the week.
  4. If a deer has been hit, wait for the outfitter/guide to begin tracking. There will be no tracking without the
    guide/outfitter present. Remain in your stand, and walk out at the scheduled time to meet with guide.
  5. Trails will be marked for walking into the stand for the morning and for walking out in the evening.
  6. All tree stand hunters must bring/wear a safety belt/harness and strap for tree.
  7. Please remove boots inside by laundry area or outside if weather permits.
  8. Breakfast can be made on your own (food & drinks provided.) Lunch & Supper will be made by the cook . All day
    hunters have access to food & drinks they can take with them.
  9. In addition to your Elk & Deer A tags, Antelope, bear, & whitetail doe/mule deer doe tags may be applied for.
  10. Any current or past medical conditions that may be addressed during your hunt must be made aware to the outfitter
    and guides to ensure the safety of the client in case of an emergency. Outfitter and guides are first aid certified. All
    information will be kept confidential.
  11. Pick up times from stands are arranged with the guides.
  12. Please be quite at pick-up and drop-off points. Example: Do not slam truck doors or speak loudly.
  13. Bow hunters, Montana law requires the hunter to always wear a minimum of 400 square inches of hunter orange
    (fluorescent) above the waist at all times while hunting during the general gun season.
  14. Guests are here to hunt, please honor each other with a 10:00pm noise curfew.
  15. A washer and dryer are available and can be used at your convenience. Towels and wash clothes are provided. Bring
    your own non-scented washing detergent and soap.
  16. Alcohol is permitted in moderation and must be bought on your own. A local store has beer for purchase. Please do
    not abuse this rule!
  17. Unwanted venison will be given away to local residents. (we can usually get orders for about 30-40 deer.) If we have
    excess venison to be given away, the hunter must pay a processing fee (approx. $80.00) at the butcher for the meat to
    be donated to local organizations.
  18. A local taxidermy shop is located a short distance from our camp and will prepare your head for mounting with a fee.
    (if you intend to get it mounted elsewhere.) In the case you are getting him to mount your trophy, the preparation is
    included in the price of the mount.
  19. The use of mechanical broad heads is not recommended for elk.
  20. Bow hunters, Lighted or battery operated sights are not permitted by Montana law.
  21. 115 Antler Minimum: We have a 115 antler restriction that will be enforced to ensure the quality of our deer herd
    and success for our future clients and management goals. A $500 charge will be issued to all hunters harvesting bucks
    that gross score under 115.
  22. Wounding Policy: If you draw blood, and the animal cant be found, there is a wounding fine of $500 to continue
    hunting. Due to herd management control, and to ensure the future generation(s) of quality bucks, we can not allow
    the continuation of multiple animals wounded on a yearly basis without compensation. This is strictly based on the
    preservation of our natural resources to continue providing quality archery hunts and Pope & Young animals to our
    future clientele.
  23. Button Buck Policy: Button bucks are protected here at Montana Whitetails to ensure future generations of quality
    bucks. There will be a penalty charge of $250.00 for the accidental harvest of a yearling button buck. Please ensure
    mature does are taken when considering filling your Antlerless whitetail tag.
  24. All clients must abide by all Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks hunting regulations.
  25. Please check game laws in your home state for transporting deer parts back home from Montana if not getting your
    trophy mounted here with our local taxidermist. (example: Full head with antlers attached for European mount).


Suggestions & Things to Bring Checklist

  • Knee high rubber boots for deer hunters. (Very important for river crossings)
  • Safety harness & strap for tree stand hunters - MANDATORY
  • Quality leather/gore-tex hunting boots with good ankle support for elk and mule deer/antelope hunters.
  • Wool socks for colder weather with preferably a thin moisture wicking layer for underneath.
  • Warm stocking cap
  • Quality optics
  • Range finder
  • Bow & arrow license for archery only season in September-early October is required. Can be purchased through Montana FWP website.
  • Montana hunting license (signed).
  • Archery hunting license from your state (does not have to be current) or proof of completing a bow hunter safety course/certificate for bow hunters coming before the general gun season. Needed in order to receive your bow & arrow license after arriving in Montana, if not purchased before arrival.
  • Tip: Archery hunters coming before the gun season should keep their Montana hunting license/bow hunter safety card
    or previous bow hunting license accessible for when you have to present this information at the Bozeman Wal-mart if
    you have to purchase your bow & arrow license. (wallet is a suggestion).
  • Fishing pole if you want to experience some great trout fishing along the Shields River. A fishing license license is included in your non-resident combo license.
  • Bring hunting clothes to cover warm and cold temperatures as the weather can change day to day. We highly
    recommend a thermal moisture wicking under layer that fits tight to the skin such as Under Armour or Cabelas MTP
    (Moisture Thermal Protection.) Also, a quite wind stopping layer will be well worth packing.
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Chap stick
  • Sunglasses - recommended for mule deer/antelope gun hunters while glassing. If there is snow on the ground and the
    sun is shining, it can be very hard on your eyes.
  • Rainwear - (optional) just in case.
  • Odor eliminating spray
  • Non scented soap
  • Backpack
  • Airline itinerary if flying
  • Montana Whitetails contact info. Keith - 717-512-3582
  • We highly recommend that you bring practice broad heads for target shooting at camp after transportation. You dont
    want to find out after shooting at a trophy animal that something has changed. (better to be sure than just assuming
    everything is ok.) Broad head target provided at camp.
  • Airline certified bow or gun case if flying. (make sure you have more than one key in case you lose one somewhere.
  • 400 square inches of hunter orange (fluorescent) for both archery and rifle hunters coming during the general gun season. From the 3rd week in October through all of November. (equivalent to a vest).


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Best Western Plus, Gran Tree Inn, 1325 North 7th Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59715

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Who to Contact when you arrive at Bozeman airport: When you arrive at the airport please contact one of the following Montana Whitetails represenatives who will be there to pick you up. Due to mulitple departing/arrival times for clients, please contact more than one represenative if you do not reach one of us as they may be assigned to pick up or drop off clients later in the morning/evening. We must have your flight itinerary before your arrival for our shuttle transportation planning.

Keith Miller  717-512-3582