Keith Miller - Owner/Outfitter Lic. #11547/Guide

Steve Miller - Operations Manager/Guide

Here at Montana Whitetails, we are all experienced bow hunters and know first hand what our hunters expect in a quality hunt. We are very educated and disciplined on whitetail deer behavior, quality deer management, seasonal bedding & feeding patterns, travel corridors, weather conditions and moon phases that influence wild game movement. We fully understand calling techniques, stand placement, equipment selection, scent control, and small details that pay big dividends in your success. Most important, we know how to get clients close to trophy class whitetail bucks. Our clients should expect Professional and knowledgeable down to earth guides that want nothing more than to see you succeed while having fun during your weeks hunt. Please feel free to ask us anything to make your hunt more enjoyable as we will work hard at providing you a memorable hunting experience.

I would like to begin by telling you a little about my first experience hunting Montana. My first hunting trip to Montana was in September of 2005. I was hunting with Montana Whitetails as a client while also considering the purchase of the business. I have heard and saw great things about Montana whitetail deer hunting along these famous “river bottoms“. Coming from the East coast, I was certainly thrilled about finally getting the chance to hunt these famous river bottom bucks. Needless to say, I was simply amazed at the amount of Whitetail Deer I saw during that week. I saw more Whitetail Deer from one stand in one day (and more bucks) than I saw the entire archery season in my home state.

During my stay, I also saw lots of Mule Deer, Antelope, Moose, Bald Eagles, Prairie Dogs, caught some 18” + trout, and herd Elk bugling while hunting Whitetails from my stand. Last but not least, I developed some friendships with fellow bow hunters that will be shared well into the future. That was the most enjoyable week of bow hunting I ever had, I was hooked! 

I now own Montana Whitetails and look forward at providing each one of our clients the same valuable hunting experience that I received during that week. And most important, meeting fellow hunters that share these same passions.

Bow hunting has become a passion that was created by chasing whitetails from our youth in my home state of Pennsylvania and continues all over the United States until this very day. Those first days a field are still fresh in my mind as I was eager to learn everything I could about bow hunting these elusive creatures. Failure was not excepted, but sometimes these whitetails just don’t read the script. This desire to become successful and dodge failure was the first step in gaining a base of knowledge that still grows today. This desire has taken me to where I am now, which is providing you with one of the best hunts I myself have ever experienced.

Between myself and my guides, we have gained knowledge and experience through over 50 years of combined hunting. Mostly hunting on the East coast where we grew up has given us a very well rounded education on hunting high-pressured whitetails. As most of you reading this know how much harder bow hunting highly pressured bucks in states such as Pennsylvania and New York is. This creates a hunter, that wants to remain successful through the years, into a sponge for absorbing everything they can learn about Whitetail Deer and their behavior. Adapting to these changing conditions is what creates that killer instinct needed in harvesting mature bucks consistently year after year that benefits all of our clients.

Please keep us in mind for your future hunting needs. We take pride in helping you reach your goals and sharing your hunting adventures with us. If you have any questions about our Montana deer, elk, or antelope hunting trips. please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you in advance.

Keith Miller


Keith Miller, 1601-C Mountain House Road, Halifax, PA 17032
Outfitter Lic. #11547   Phone: 717-512-3582