Bowhunting Only Montana Spring turkey hunting trips can be an exciting adventure as these Merriam turkeys here in Montana are extremely vocal, and the hunting pressure is very low. As a matter of fact, on our ranches we lease for whitetail deer hunting along these lush agricultural river bottoms, going into the Spring of 2010, they have never been hunted before!...We have a growing population of Merriam turkeys here on our leases at Montana Whitetails, Inc. and we are limiting our Spring season to only 4 hunters per year, Bow hunting "ONLY"!. This is a great opportunity to get some bow hunting experience with some very responsive birds that literally charge into a decoy set-up and calling!...a butter knife and a fine Corelle porcelain dinner plate would probably get you the same action as a $200.00 slate call. They haven't been hunted before and are very, very responsive to any kind of calling! Bow hunting these quick to respond toms from ground blinds with snowcapped mountains in the background and open pastures with Spring in the air is an experience one will never forget! Hunting all day is legal here in Montana as both the mornings and evenings are equally exceptional in producing great archery hunting action!...Video of your hunt can be arranged also!

The male turkey population here on our Montana leases seems to be higher than the females. From our observations we generally see more "huntable" birds than we do hens. "Huntable", meaning any visible bearded turkey. The competition is pretty high when it comes to Springtime breeding opportunities and obviously creates a Bow hunting bonanza with lots of action!...However,...the beard lengths seem to be effected by the Winter's some years. Some of the more mature birds seem to get "frost bite" as I have seen some heavy turkeys with stunted, or broken beards. Long beards are present, and might take a little longer to find the right one if your looking for a true trophy beard. However, the pure magic of these talkative Merriam turkeys in an environment where they have never been hunted before the 2010 season, creates an incredible bow hunting experience that will literally be a blast!...most of these birds don't have real trophy "beard" quality, but will be a ton of fun to bow hunt which can create a fantastic Montana Spring turkey hunting trip!...No gun hunting allowed! There are no guns allowed in these areas even during the Fall whitetail deer hunting season. Literally birds that don't know what a gun shot is, let alone being hunted with archery equipment!

Growing up hunting the high pressured Eastern turkeys in Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina gives us a well-rounded education on dealing with some tough hunting conditions. Pursuing these high pressured birds helped develop some great tactics and hunting strategies that we can cultivate into our operation. Western birds here in Montana, especially these Merriam's on our leases that never been hunted before will offer some fantastic action for anyone drawing a Montana, Park County turkey tag! 

2010 will be our first year offering a Montana Spring turkey hunting trip to clients. Bow hunting only with a great opportunity to harvest a Montana Merriam turkey on our private leases. We have approximately 10 miles of river bottom leased for whitetail bow hunting only, and roughly 6 miles of this agriculture rich valley holds a good population of Merriam turkeys we can offer to our bow hunting clients! 

Here in Southwestern Montana, Park County, the Spring turkey season starts during mid-April. There is a 1 bird limit in this area. The tags are lottery based and odds vary each year but generally run about 35%-40% chance of getting drawn. A non-resident Spring turkey hunting license costs $115.00 if getting drawn through the lottery, which has a $5.00 non-refundable application fee. Applications generally have to be in around March 12th, each year. This is a bow hunting only operation for these never before hunted Merriam turkeys here on private ground in the shadow of the Crazy Mountains! An experience well worth applying for a tag! Come join us for a wild, fun-filled adventure bow hunting these beautiful Merriam turkeys of Southwestern Montana!...enjoy our ranch home accommodations complete with hot tub and comfortable amenities along with other outdoor activities that may interest you during your stay here with Montana Whitetails, Inc.. 

Hunt includes: Lodging, meals, airport shuttle, and guiding during your 4 day bow hunting Montana turkey hunting trip! Fly in on Saturday, hunt Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, fly out on a Wednesday. Arrive in Bozeman airport around 12:00pm - 2:00pm on Saturday. Depart Bozeman airport Wednesday between 12:00pm and 2:00pm. 

Pricing: $2,500.00 - 4 Day Turkey Hunt

Booking Terms: $1,500 deposit to reserve dates, balance due by April 1st.

Montana Hunt Dates For Wild Turkey

  • Hunt #1 Third week in April
  • Hunt #2 Fourth week in April
  • Hunt #3 First week in May
  • Hunt #4 Second week in May

(Please check with us for the current dates set by Montana FWP)


Gratuities are greatly appreciated by the guides and cook as this is a significant portion of their income. This is a reflection to them of a job well done. An average guide tip is typically 15-20% of the cost of the hunt. If you feel that your guide exceeded expectations, that will often be rewarded by exceeding 20%.