Montana Antelope Hunting Trips

Archery Antelope Hunting: We are a fully licensed and insured hunting outfitter offering guided archery hunts for pronghorn antelope here in Montana. Archery hunters can hunt antelope during the early archery only season here in Montana on our private ranches. This archery season runs from the middle of August to early October. Early season is a good time to hunt antelope over water and our irrigated alfalfa fields. With ample water running through our leases and plenty of high quality food, these antelope have some of the best habitat in Montana for us to grow Pope and Young bucks on our private ranches. Antelope are concentrated on our alfalfa fields daily which make for some incredible late August antelope hunts. High percentage bow shots from comfortable blinds can provide a hunt of a lifetime experience. Mid to late September can be a great time to go after these trophy antelope using decoys, ground blinds, and even tree stands. Yes, tree stands… We had a client harvest a Pope and Young antelope from a tree stand while using a decoy. Antelope observed in this area reach peak breeding around the 21st of September. We have areas where hunting them from a tree using a decoy can be very effective. These areas are in transition zones between irrigated alfalfa and the rolling prairie and sage hills that border them. You can also hunt them using a ground blind. We pre set ground blinds prior to your hunt within these transition zones at key fence line/open gate crossings. There are several dynamite cattle gate openings that provide consistent travel between feeding areas. During the rut this is a sure way to get right in the heat of the action. Also, utilizing a decoy to draw them into bow range is very effective at this time of the year. A range finder is very important while a quality pair of optics really helps.

Rifle Antelope Hunting: We are a fully licensed and insured hunting outfitter offering guided rifle hunts for pronghorn antelope here in Montana. You will be hunting antelope on our private ranches over irrigated alfalfa fields with extremely high sucess. These 3 day hunts you can expect to tag out on the very first day. Spot and stalk these Montana pronghorn antelope on private ground with beautiful breathtaking views of the snow capped mountains as your back drop. Once you tagged your Montana antelope buck you can enjoy some fantastic trout fishing with access through our private ranches the rest of your trip. Our trophy antelope rifle hunters in the past have had very good success on 70“ + antelope.

License Information: It is well worth the effort in obtaining a Montana non-resident antelope tag through the draw. This process also applies to archery hunters interested in obtaining a 900-20 series statewide antelope tag. We are located in antelope hunting district 338 for antelope rifle hunters. This application can be applied for online through Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks. Applications must be submitted no later than June 1st. Cost of tag is around $205.00. For archery antelope hunters, a 900-20 license can be applied for that allows you to hunt during the archery only early season (mid August through early October), while also allowing hunters with this tag to hunt the firearm season with archery equipment only!


7 Day Archery Trophy Antelope Hunt: $3,995.00

Combo Archery Hunt - 7 Day Archery Whitetail & Antelope Combo Hunt: $5,995.00

3 Day Rifle Trophy Antelope Hunt: $3,995.00

Combo Rifle Hunt - 7 Day Rifle Whitetail & Antelope Combo Hunt: $7,995.00

Combo Hunt - 7 Day Elk/Antelope Combo Hunt: $11,995.00


Gratuities are greatly appreciated by the guides and cook as this is a significant portion of their income. This is a reflection to them of a job well done. An average guide tip is typically 15-20% of the cost of the hunt. If you feel that your guide exceeded expectations, that will often be rewarded by exceeding 20%.


  • Archery & all combination hunts are from Saturday to Saturday - Arrive Sat., Depart following Sat., hunt 6 days Sunday through Friday.
  • Rifle Antelope hunts are from Saturday to Wednesday - Arrive Sat., Depart Wed., hunt 3 days Sunday through Tuesday.


  • Hunt #1 Third week in August
  • Hunt #2 Fouth Week in August
  • Hunt #3 First week in Sept.
  • Hunt #4 Second week in Sept.
  • Hunt #5 Third week in Sept.
  • Hunt #6 Fourth week in Sept.
  • Hunt #7 First week in Oct. 


  • Hunt #8 Second week in Oct.
  • Hunt #9 Third week in Oct.
  • Hunt #10 Fourth week in Oct.
  • Hunt #11 First week in November

(Please check with us for the current dates set by Montana FWP)

* Prices include meals, lodging, and transportation pick-up/delivery to camp from Bozeman airport.

*All hunters, including bow hunters coming during the rifle/archery weeks must bring at least 400 square inches of orange to be worn at all times. (equivalent to a vest.)