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2020 Hunting Season Ending Report

Hello Everyone,

The 2020 season started with our archery antelope hunters. We had excellent hunting throughout the entire season with shot opportunities near 100% for most of the Fall. We had a few antelope archery hunters in during September who had success over decoys from ground blinds. They tagged a few good goats with only one bowhunter not getting a shot at a buck. We had 5 guys draw the rifle antelope tag and they killed some good bucks! The forecast was predicting 50+ mph winds for day one of their hunt so we got them out pretty much straight off the shooting range. They tagged 3 of the 5 goats the day they arrived in some strong winds. The following day was indeed 50+ mph winds and was hard to even stand up straight. We spot and stalked for hours trying to find where they where hiding at and eventually by mid day, knocked down the last 2 bucks. We've been 100% successful on rifle antelope for 16 years. With a additional 5,700 acres added to one of our existing ranches for 2020 we'll have a lot more ground to spot and stalk big antelope this coming Fall. Get your antelope application in by June 1 for HD 338-20, and we'll get you a nice antelope buck!

The archery season for elk and deer went extremely well. All of our archery elk hunters had a opportunity at a bull elk except one hunter who hunted for 3 days due to work shceduling. I was guiding him and we had some incredible action with some bulls almost running us over, literally, while laying in some grass on a hillside. We had shooter bulls less then 15-20 yards but could'nt move to get a shot with so many elk on top of us. Another afternoon ended with bulls screaming in our face less then 40 yards away as daylight faded to black and we could'nt pick them out in the dark. Wind swirling on two other hunts had us in the game until we were'nt with bulls working just out of sight then shifting winds ended the party. Overall the 5 archery elk hunters shot 11 shots, killed 3 bulls.

The rifle season started out awesome as elk where hitting the ground with 100% success for our rifle elk hunters. We got some snow and cold early in the season and it made for some great hunting! Our rifle mule deer hunters all got good bucks, some of our better bucks in years so that's nice to see some good mule deer around again. For the second week in two years it warmed up and the elk hunting got pretty tough, not typical warm weather conditions for that time of year makes it very tough hunting. That lasted about a week then we entered the later part of the season getting a few more elk and a few more shots fired at elk. The very last week of the season was a couple whitetail deer hunters, two cow elk hunters, and a bull elk hunter hunting the mountains in HD 314. I had to buy a Polaris Ranger with snow tracks to take advantage of our one elk hunting property. I proceeded to get it stuck, back down the mountain and straight into the shop for a snow plow. That was the ticket. I put one elk hunter in the passenger seat and plowed my way to the top, 10 minutes later he was shooting at a big bull elk. We saw a lot of good bulls up top this year when we finally got up there. Those are memories we'll never forget. Those snow track mountain hunts are something else. Overall a extremely successful season. We take pride in providing opportunities for our hunters to harvest the animal of their dreams and have a good experience.

The 2020 hunting season photo album is complete and posted so you can check out all the photos from last season on the website photo gallery. We thank everyone who came to Montana to enjoy Big Sky Country with us this year! Hope everyone had a great season and enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you with us to share the memories!

Also, feel free to check our our new Texas operation. Fair chase whitetail and year round free range exotic hunts are available. You can visit our website at

Thanks to everyone again for making another season here at Montana Whitetails one we will never forget...!

Thanks for following us through the season,

Keith Miller

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