115" Antler Restriction Minimum

115" whitetail deer Antler restriction: Starting with the 2010 hunting season there will be a 115 inch minimum antler restriction strictly enforced to try and protect bucks that need to mature in order to continue providing a quality archery hunt for Pope & Young bucks well into the future! With a large buck population that will only benefit tremendously with a antler restriction, this step is an absolute must in order to protect the future generations and continue a well balanced whitetail herd through proper harvest of mature bucks and plenty of does. This past season we saw a very well balanced buck to doe ratio, and with the Summer rains that provided optimum antler growing conditions, a antler restriction set years ago would have provided a unprecedented year with a large Pope & Young buck harvest than we could have anticipated!...

This step has been tossed around and extremely supported by our repeat clients who know first hand the true potential of managing our bowhunting only operation on such prime whitetail habitat and archery hunting paradise! a 115 minimum is very liberal considering the potential of letting these bucks grow to 4 years old where they really start to get some character and reach there potential. A lot of 4 years old bucks and older here have the genetics to produce trophy quality antlers with very unique characteristics such as split G-2's, sticker points, forked browe tines, Canadian resemblenced dark antlered bucks with heavy mass, and where starting to see several bucks sporting drop tines!

The uniqueness of this bowhunting only operation is truly to provide a archery hunting paradise with a large, balanced whitetail deer population, as well as one of your best chances in the country to harvest a Pope & Young whitetail buck with archery equipment, right here in the state of Montana! This new antler restriction will be a critical component to the future success and growth of our business in providing one of the best bowhunting experiences in the country!

Thanks, Keith Miller

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