Order our Montana Whitetails Inc. DVD. This video is available on DVD or VHS and features animals filmed on our leases throughout the past hunting season. 100% of this video is filmed on property exclusive to our hunters. A new video will be created after each season has ended. These videos are approx. 45 minutes to an hour long and provide a great visual on the quality and quantity of animals we have on our leases. Packed into each video, you get to see a lot of bucks that will be around the following year, along with successful clients, layout of the terrain, plus lots and lots of whitetail deer. Watch it over and over and get revved up before next year's hunt. You won’t be disappointed!

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DVD Testimonial from Bruce DeFrates

Keith, I just got your DVD! It was GREAT!…I wish I was coming out this season. Looks like real good bucks. You guys did a good job w/CD. I sent a check Sunday for $1000.00. I will send another $500 by end of year. I would like to archery hunt Nov.17-24, or week earlier if you have any cancellations. -Bruce



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