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Vinny's 1st Montana Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

My hunt at Montana Whitetails was a remarkable experience, I hunted the second week in September and it was a very good hunting experience. The deer movement was amazing! I was able to see 20 to 30 deer in a sit. The hunting was amazing because not only did I see whitetail deer, but I saw mule deer, antelope, moose, and sometimes even elk. There was never a dull moment in the hunts, I hunted hard for 6 days and Keith did everything he could to make my hunt a success. I was able to connect on a very nice 134 inch 9 point at only 20 yards. I saw many shooter bucks from ranges of 140" and some even 150" +. The lodge is very nice, its clean and has that homey feel, and not to mention the cooking is great! Your never hungry after dinner. Everybody in the lodge gets along and helps make your trip that much better. I would definitely recommend this to any hunter that is looking for a very good hunting trip with a good success rate and great times. I know I will definitely be back to do it again.

Vinny Quigliano

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