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Hunting with Montana Whitetails...Thank you Keith!

Hi Keith, I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what a great couple of hunts I had with you and Rob in 2011 and again in 2012. First of all I would also like to thank my good friend Mark Gottschaulk for doing all the research on literally a dozens or more outfitters and ultimately choosing Montana Whitetails for our hunt of a lifetime. Great Job Mark! Mark made his decision based on several conversations he had with you on the phone. He felt your style of hunting, personality and the Shields River would be a good matchup for a couple of Michigan bow hunters. He was right.

In 2011 we hunted with a great group of guys including Michigan Archery Hunting Legend Bob Eastman. The accommodations and meals exceeded our expectations. I was equally impressed with how you had set up all the tree stands and had predicted the deer movement and presented us all with several good practical opportunities on quality animals. On my third opportunity I was finally able to calm down enough to harvest a nice velvet 8 point. This was the buck we had to shoe the giant black bear away from in order to recover this nice buck. Your patients and words of encouragement where very commendable on this hunt. Then you were able to provide me with my first Elk hunting experience. I didn’t score on the elk but I did have a great encounter and pledged to return to get the job done. My good friend Mark scored a nice Shields River buck the last morning of our hunt. We drove back to Michigan planning our return trip all the way home.

In 2012 I returned with my younger brother Randy and again you and your staff provided yet another great hunt of a lifetime. Another great group of hunters including Jeff Millar from Bow hunter Magazine and TV. And a couple of Deer Thugs. Keith I believe and like the fact that you and Rob work hard for all your guest and don’t give any special treatment or opportunities to only a chosen few. Both years I noticed you and Rob worked hard for all you guest regardless of who they were, where they came from or how much experience they had. Special treatment and opportunity for all! “Thank you” Again you showed great patients. I was finally able to harvest another nice shields river buck and five minutes later a nice doe. My brother Randy and I had several close encounters with Elk throughout the week but were not able to capitalize on the opportunities you and Rob presented us. I hope to return again someday and harvest my first Elk with Montana Whitetails. Keith I must say you have some of the most sacred land I have ever had the privilege of hunting on. Keith Thanks again for two great hunts. God willing I will return someday soon. Feel free to use me as a reference any time. 

Best Regards
Dan Hodder
248 872 4086

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