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Elk Hunting in Montana with Montana Whitetails

Did you ever want to go on a guided bowhunt in Montana for trophy Elk during the frenzied September rut? How about settling the cross hairs on a big 6x6 bull across the majestic hillsides of Southwestern Montana on a cold, crisp November morning? Being a outfitter here in Montana these dream hunts become reality for lots of people across Montana each season. Whether your bowhunting Elk in the timber listening to bulls screaming across the vast valleys on a cool September morning at daybreak, or glassing a herd of Elk that numbers 600+ waiting for your opportunity to lay the cross hairs on one, hunting Elk in Montana can make you addicted to visiting this beautiful landscape. 

Montana continues to be one of the best Elk hunting destinations in the Country to harvest big bulls. Hunters from all across the United States come to Montana every year with high hopes of tagging a world class bull Elk, or any Elk for that matter. Here in Region 3, Park County Montana we have one of the largest Elk populations in the state of Montana. Nearly 50% of the Elk harvested in Montana come from Region 3. 100% of our Elk hunting properties are in Region 3, on private ranches, with lots of Elk. Easy to draw tags and limited Elk hunting on our managed private properties ensures our clients a hunt of a lifetime, and you could be next...!

Elk hunting by statistics has one of the lowest overall harvest success percentage's for big game hunting in the US. You see, Elk hunting can be a tough game. However, Elk in general aren't that hard to hunt, the hardest part is finding Elk in a area that's conducive to providing a high rate for success. For sure physical fitness can play into success rates as well. Elk can cover a lot of ground quickly making hunter placement a very critical element to a successful guided Elk hunt. Sometimes, being successful requires just getting to point B before the Elk. With several ranches that very between semi rugged and gently rolling we can offer our clients a variety of experiences to accommodate most anyone. These private Elk hunting meccas in Region 3 hold some of the largest herds in the state of Montana. 

Being a licensed outfitter in this Region for over a decade, we have continually built our hunting properties with exclusive hunting rights to some of the finest Elk hunting lands in Southwestern Montana. We continue to build upon our premier big game outfitting operation with customer service and the best outfitter to landowner reputation in the area. With strict management goals and quality Elk hunting habitat, we can provide some of the most successful Elk hunting opportunities in the state. 

Our Montana Elk hunts have been increasingly more successful each season as we obtain more quality private ranches for our clients. Both archery Elk and rifle Elk hunters have enjoyed excellent success since taking initiative in providing world class trophy bull Elk hunting trips along side our trophy Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, & Antelope hunts. We can provide you professional, quality hunting guides with a reputable outfitter that ensures you a hunt of a lifetime while chasing bugling bulls on a September bowhunt in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. Or, imagine yourself settling the cross hairs on a big bull Elk on a snow covered majestic landscape with the "Big Sky" overhead and mountain peaks off in the distance.

Over the last several years we have continued to excel in getting our clients excellent shot opportunities on bull Elk here on our private ranches. We lease all private property for several reasons. None of our hunting takes place on public lands. This ensures you will have the highest quality land to bowhunt or rifle hunt Elk here in Montana. Our archery Elk hunts here in Montana take place through September and into the first week in October. Bowhunting these Elk during the rut can be a exhilarating experience! We generally take 2 hunters per guide and strategically work with the Elk to get them within bow range using calling techniques to walk them past our bowhunters. During the general firearm season the Elk are typically in large herds. Some of our private Montana ranches can hold upwards of 500+ Elk at any given time. These late October through November rifle Elk hunting trips can be incredibly successful. We can strategically work with several hunters at a time and "pluck" big bulls from the herd with great precision. At this point, if your accurate out to 300-350 yards, there's a good chance you'll be coming home with a bull Elk on your Montana hunting trip. 

With a increasing Elk herd on our private ranches here in Southwestern Montana, we look forward to continue and provide some of the most successful Elk hunting trips in the state. Remember, half the equation to a successful Elk hunting trip is being in a area conducive to providing a high population of Elk with excellent shot opportunities. If your considering a fully guided archery Elk hunt, or a rifle Elk hunt on our private ranches here in Montana, please consider giving us a call. 

Keith Miller, Montana Whitetails - Outfitter License #11547

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