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Antelope Archery Outfitter and Guided Rifle hunts In Montana

When you think of bow hunting or rifle hunting Antelope you probably think of Wyoming, and for good reason. Wyoming has the largest Antelope population in the US. While hunting Antelope in Wyoming is likely everyone's first choice, don't overlook the tremendous Antelope hunting opportunities in the state of Montana. 

Our private leases here in Southwestern Montana has some of the best quality habitat loaded with irrigated alfalfa, wheat, barley, and oats to attract lots of Antelope during the entire Fall season. Rolling prairie dotted with bright green alfalfa fields in the beautiful Shields River valley with snow capped mountains surrounding your hunting spot make for a unforgettable experience. Big bucks come from all over to dine on our luscious grain fields where plenty of does gather to feed. It's not uncommon to see several large groups of Antelope camping out on these lush green alfalfa fields with plenty of bucks to choose from. You will be Antelope hunting over these highly attractive food sources with archery or rifle here on our private Montana ranches. 

Here at Montana Whitetails we focus on the most successful way to bow hunt these Antelope on our ranches for your success, gate openings. Our Antelope hunting leases here in Montana have plenty of water flowing through them. This makes hunting over water a bit more unpredictable. The most effective way you will bow hunt them during the rut here is to set up ground blinds over gate openings. This is a extremely effective way to harvest big Antelope bucks traveling through the properties. You'll be set up within perfect bow range, 17-20 yards over a high travel area leading to and from alfalfa fields. There are gate openings throughout the 6,000 acre private ranch that produce trophy Antelope bucks every year. With so much ground to cover, we have had excellent success on blinds far from these fields as bucks this time of year will come from all over to get to the large groups of does feeding on these prime food plots. Some of our blinds even set right on the alfalfa fields at strategic gate locations making for a truly eventful day as you will be watching Antelope all day long. 

You never know what might come through these gate openings. Over the past we had clients come back and tell us they had big whitetail bucks, Mule Deer, and even some Elk pass by their blinds while waiting patiently for Antelope. These irrigated alfalfa fields draw all kinds of big game here in Montana. The best strategy for you to harvest your Pope & Young Antelope buck here in Montana is to arrive to your blind before daylight, pack a lunch, and enjoy a picturesque landscape loaded with wild game animals and breathtaking views right from the comforts of your ground blind. Set your bow on the bow holder and settle in for a hunt of a lifetime. You'll have the luxury of bow hunting big Antelope bucks on private ranches managed for trophy Antelope in the heart of the Wild West of Montana. 

A comfortable lodge, hot showers, home cooked meals, and lively conversation await you after each evenings hunt. Fantastic wild trout fishing can be done to fill in your Montana experience after harvesting your trophy Antelope. This is truly a luxury hunt that's both relaxing and rewarding in ways you'll always remember about your Antelope hunting trip with us in Montana. 

Bow hunting Antelope on these private ranches is always a very unique experience and one you'll likely never forget. However, for a outfitter, these Antelope rifle hunts here in Montana are one of the funnest hunts I ever had the experience of guiding over the years. When you come to rifle hunt these private ranches be prepared to have a blast, literally! And make sure you buy your fishing license because you'll need it after 
tagging out on your trophy Antelope buck on the first day. Over all these years I have always had our Antelope hunting clients harvest their bucks either the first day while guiding them, or the second day if they missed on the first day. But they always are shooting on the very first day of their trip, which says a lot about the opportunities to tag your Antelope buck here in Montana. 

Once we get to the ranch via 4 wheel drive vehicle, we start our search on foot to find your trophy Antelope. We know exactly where they are and finding them is easy, their are always good numbers on the irrigated alfalfa fields. Some fields will hold several groups that total in numbers above 120 Antelope with each group holding several good bucks. Picking the one you want and then making the stalk is one of the funnest hunts you'll likely experience. Rest assure, if your patient, listen to your guide, and can belly crawl the last 20-50 yards, you will be tagging out on your trophy Antelope buck if you shoot straight on this hunt. 

I've had so many awesome hunts guiding Antelope clients over the years and it's truly a fun hunting trip. I'm working on a book that covers some of my most memorable hunts as I guide clients through beautiful Montana and some of these Antelope hunts are going to in that book. I remember belly crawling to the top of a hill on a heavy beamed buck with long cutters and watching him through the grass just waiting for him to feed up the hill further to expose himself for the client to get a shot. A group of does he was with were bedded across the hillside and with eyes pointed in every direction, we just couldn't risk crawling to the very top of the hill to get a shot over the grasses that laid before us. So, as any good 
guide would do, we started building a gun rest, from dried cow patties. Yes, that's right, you would be amazed at how efficient you can be in the field when you utilize all your resources. After piling cow patties after cow patties on top of the hunters pack, 5 patties total is what it took for the hunter to get his gun barrel above the grasses to harvest his very first trophy Antelope buck here in Montana. 

Like I said, Wyoming is the Antelope hunting king when it boils down to numbers but rest assure, Montana has some truly exceptional Antelope 
hunting trips that await you on our private ranches. Combine that with world class trophy whitetail deer archery hunting, Elk hunting trips, and Mule Deer hunts, you have a combination hunting trip of a lifetime to harvest several trophy big game animals on your guided hunt here in Montana. 

Take advantage of our newest hunting package that is limited to just 2 archery hunters and 2 rifle hunters each season. It's the 14 day Montana Triple Crown Archery & Rifle hunts. The 14 day Archery Triple Crown hunt you will be bow hunting trophy Antelope bucks and bending a ultra light rod on some world class trout fishing your first week of the trip. During the second week of your hunt you will be going after Montana Bull Elk and Whitetail Deer on our trophy managed private ranches and bow hunting only river bottom properties. Same goes for the 14 day Triple Crown Rifle Hunt. You will be tagging out on your Antelope buck early and then taking to the blue ribbon trout streams and rivers we have private access to for some world class trout fishing! Then, the second week of your hunt you'll be going after big Montana bull Elk and Monster river bottom Whitetails on our private ranches managed for your success. Truly a unique hunt of a lifetime just waiting for you here at Montana Whitetails. 

Call for more information about our archery or rifle Montana guided combination hunts, 14 day Triple Crown hunts, Elk hunting trips, Whitetail deer hunting trips, Antelope hunts, and Mule Deer hunting trips here in Montana. Licensed Outfitter #11547

Keith Miller, Montana Whitetails

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