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Montana Elk Hunting Trips


Montana Whitetails is a premier fully licensed & insured outfitter in Montana that offers some excellent guided Elk hunting trips on private ranches. Montana Elk hunting can be a very exciting and rewarding hunt. Our Elk leases consist of private lands here in Park County Region 3, Elk Hunting District 315 and 393. Approximately 50% of the Elk harvest in the state of Montana comes from Region 3. We accommodate a limited number of trophy Elk hunters each year to provide a quality hunt.

We offer both archery and rifle Elk hunts for trophy class bulls here in Southwestern Montana. Combo hunts for Elk & Deer, or Antelope can also be accommodated. This will allow you to harvest a trophy Whitetail, Mule Deer, or Antelope in addition to your Elk. This way, we can also offer you some the finest all around trophy big game hunting available in the Country during your Elk hunt here in Montana. 

Our Elk hunting is done on semi-rugged to moderately rolling terrain. Success often depends on the conditioning of the hunter. For elk hunters, we have access to private land in one of the best hunting regions in the state of Montana . Generally we can access most areas by 4 x 4 vehicle and then walk by foot to get into areas to glass for these bull Elk. We are there to assist you in the calling, harvesting, and removal of an Elk or any other helpful suggestions you need in order to make your hunt more successful. Elk hunting can be challenging, frustrating, and exhilarating all at the same time. Elk can travel long distances and can be very unpredictable at times. We cannot guarantee anyone a Elk, but will try to do everything we can in order to help you harvest your trophy class bull elk, and encourage the harvest of cow Elk to maintain a balanced, healthy Elk herd. You have the option to use the spot and stalk method or calling, which is best in late September, or a combination of both, whatever you prefer. This can be an enjoyable time afield with a buddy while also having the chance to harvest a trophy Whitetail, Mule Deer, or Antelope here in Montana during your Elk hunting adventure. 

The Rut: Where we are located in Southwestern Montana at the foothills of the Crazy Mountains, peak breeding activity is observed around the 21st of September on our private ranches.  Some of the private ground that we have access rights to hold some great timber for bow hunters trying to call in raging bulls in September. Bugling bulls revealing their locations are easier for planning set-ups and calling for bow hunters at this time of year. The last two weeks in September are generally good for archery Elk hunts during peak breeding activity here in Montana.



Prices include meals, lodging, and transportation pick-up/delivery to camp from Bozeman airport. License cost are the responsibility of the hunter/client. License costs subject to change yearly outside the control of Montana Whitetails, Inc.

7 Day Archery Combo Trophy Elk/Deer Hunt: $5,495.00

7 Day Rifle Combo Trophy Elk/Deer Hunt: $5,995.00

7 Day Trophy elk Hunt: $4,995.00


  • Archery combo hunts are from Saturday to Saturday - Arrive Sat., Depart following Sat., hunt 6 days Sunday through Friday.

  • Rifle combo hunts are from Saturday to Saturday  - Arrive Sat., Depart following Sat., hunt 6 days Sunday through Friday.



Hunt #1 First week in Sept. 
Hunt #2 Second week in Sept. 
Hunt #3 Third week in Sept.  (Rut Hunt)
Hunt #4 Fourth week in Sept.  (Rut Hunt)
Hunt #5 First week in Oct. 
Hunt #6 Second week in Oct.


Hunt #7 Fourth week in Oct. 
Hunt #8 First week in Nov.
Hunt #9 Second week in Nov. 
Hunt #10 Third week in Nov.
Hunt #11 Fourth week in Nov. 

(Please check with us for the current dates set by Montana FWP)

*All hunters, including bow hunters coming during the rifle/archery weeks must bring at least 400 square inches of orange to be worn at all times. (equivalent to a vest.)

**Best weeks to try and harvest a trophy Elk during archery season. September 21st is generally the peak of the rut for Elk where we are located here in Montana.




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