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115 Antler Restriction Minimum
Posted On: December 1, 2011, 6:19 pm

Starting with the 2010 hunting season there will be a 115 inch minimum antler restriction strictly enforced to try and protect bucks that need to mature in order to continue providing a quality archery hunt for Pope & Young bucks well into the future! With a large buck population that will only benefit tremendously with a antler restriction, this step is an absolute must in order to protect the future generations and continue a well balanced whitetail herd through proper harvest of mature bucks and plenty of does. This past season we saw a very well balanced buck to doe ratio, and with the Summer rains that provided optimum antler growing conditions, a antler restriction set years ago would have provided a unprecedented year with a large Pope & Young buck harvest than we could have anticipated!...

This step has been tossed around and extremely supported by our repeat clients who know first hand the true potential of managing our bowhunting only operation on such prime whitetail habitat and archery hunting paradise! a 115 minimum is very liberal considering the potential of letting these bucks grow to 4 years old where they really start to get some character and reach there potential. A lot of 4 years old bucks and older here have the genetics to produce trophy quality antlers with very unique characteristics such as split G-2's, sticker points, forked browe tines, Canadian resemblenced dark antlered bucks with heavy mass, and where starting to see several bucks sporting drop tines!

The uniqueness of this bowhunting only operation is truly to provide a archery hunting paradise with a large, balanced whitetail deer population, as well as one of your best chances in the country to harvest a Pope & Young whitetail buck with archery equipment, right here in the state of Montana! This new antler restriction will be a critical component to the future success and growth of our business in providing one of the best bowhunting experiences in the country!

Thanks, Keith Miller

Montana Whitetails, Inc.

Posted On: October 6, 2013, 3:33 pm

Deposits are now being received for the 2017 Montana hunting season. See the available dates on this page for openings in 2017. Booking terms are as follows: a $1,500.00 deposit to hold your reservation. Click on the information tab in the header of this website, then click on the highlighted online registration link. Complete the registration and submit it. This will hold your reserved dates for 10 days until we receive the required $1,500 deposit. Once your deposit is received for the dates reserved, you will be locked into those dates. We have excellent whitetail, elk, mule deer, and antelope hunting. Also available are black bear, and moose. Combo hunts are available for elk, deer, antelope, and black bear. Call for details on the best time of season to combine several animals during your hunt. Trout fishing is included when you draw your license. General licenses must be applied for by March 15th of each season, cost is the responsibility of the hunter/client. All deposits can be applied to a future hunt if not receiving a license through the general draw. 100% of clients have either drawn the license or had the opportunity to purchase a left over surplus license online over the Summer during the last 6 years. Getting a license is a simple online process through Montana FWP. Call with any questions. Once the applicant acquires the dates they want by sending the required $1,500.00 deposit, the next procedure is applying that years booked hunt license application process to begin, which normally starts in late January. The client at that time will apply for the required licenses and tags through the application process. Please call me if you have any questions during this process. Deposits may be refunded if not drawing a license. Like I mentioned earlier, 100% of clients have either drawn the license or had the opportunity to purchase a left over surplus license online over the Summer during the last 6 years. Deposits are non-refundable after the licenses have been issued to the client. The final step is paying the hunt balance which is due by August 1st of that years hunt. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 717-512-3582 Thanks, Keith

Mossy Oak Deer Thugs TV Show with Montana Whitetails
Posted On: 2014-05-25 18:23:45

Clike HERE to watch Jimmy Riley of Mossy Oak Deer Thugs tag a beautiful Montana Whitetail during the early season at Montana Whitetails!

Outfitter Discounted Room Rates at Best Western in Bozeman
Posted On: 2014-06-11 12:35:34

For those of you coming in a day earlier for your trip and arriving on Friday, Best Western Plus, GranTree Inn in Bozeman has a discount for you!

Just call and make a reservation for Friday night and tell them your hunting with Montana Whitetails and receive a special room rate. Just let us know your plans and we'll pick you up on Saturday morning during our normal airport transportation day. 

Call Best Western PlusGranTree Inn at 406-587-5261 or toll free at 800-624-5865 and tell them your hunting with Montana Whitetails to receive your discounted room rate.

Keith Miller

Montana Whitetails

New Hunting Opportunity for 2016 - 14 Day Montana Triple Crown
Posted On: 2014-06-11 17:49:37

New Hunting Opportunity For 2016 - 14 Day Montana Triple Crown Sportsman's Vacation

Take advantage of our newest hunting package that is limited to just a few archery hunters and rifle hunters each season. It's the custom 10-14 day fully guided Montana Triple Crown Sportsman's Vacation Archery & Rifle hunts. Choose between 2 action packed vacation packages. 

Package #1: This 14 day archery or rifle triple crown big game hunt will have you hunting trophy antelope bucks and bending a ultra light rod on some world class trout fishing waters your first week of the trip prior to the elk/deer opening weeks. During the second week of your hunt you will be hunting opening week of either the elk/deer archery or rifle seasons. You'll be going after Montana bull elk and whitetail deer on our trophy managed private ranches and bowhunting only river bottom properties, or our game rich rifle hunting properties. Enjoy fully guided elk, deer, & antelope hunting as well as fantastic trout fishing, upland bird hunting that inludes meals, accommodations in our fabulous new hunting lodge, and airport shuttle.

Package #2: You choose your custom 10-14 day vacation dates where elk, deer, & antelope seasons all coincide with each other for the entire trip during your triple crown big game hunt. Tag your antelope buck early and then go after big Montana bull elk and monster river bottom whitetails on our managed private ranches tailored for your success! Enjoy up to two full weeks of guided elk, deer, and antelope hunting with access to some world class Montana trout fishing with secluded blue ribbon waters loaded with hungry wild trout. Includes upland bird hunting, lodging, meals, and airport shuttle. Truly a unique sportsman's vacation hunt of a lifetime just waiting for you here at Montana Whitetails. 

Call for details - more information on our Triple Crown Hunt page. Keith 717.512.3582

Montana Deer Age Results
Posted On: 2014-07-07 16:27:45

Check out some of the bucks we got aged the last couple seasons. With a average of 5.5 years old, our management goals seem to be working.

2015 Hunting Season Ending Report
Posted On: 2015-12-30 11:52:01

Hello Everyone,

The 2015 season started with the anticipation of getting hunters into our new 7 bedroom, 4 bath hunting and vacation lodge. Opening day was September 5th here in Montana for elk and deer so we had to use the existing lodge until construction was finished mid September. We are now running completely out of the new lodge and are excited to bring this long awaited upgrade to our first class hunting operation. We had a few antelope hunters in during the late August weeks which is a pretty successful time of year for archery antelope. We had 4 hunters in late August that harvested 2 bucks, one hunter missed, and the other had several bucks under 30 yards but just couldn't connect. Since we started running the late August Antelope hunts two seasons ago, every hunter had shooter bucks within bow range from their blinds.

The first week of elk and deer season we had 6 hunters with one going after elk and deer, two where deer and antelope combo hunters. They harvetsed a 9 point, one antelope buck, and a couple does. One buck was hit and not recovered, and three other encounters at close range slipped through the bowhunters fingers. The elk hunter was coming to full draw on the big, 7X7 herd bull when the wind swithched and took the herd of elk with it, really tough break on a awesome bull. The second week was really busy. We had only one 8 point buck and one 5X5 bull elk harvested, but, could have had a tremendous week! One hunter passed on a big 6X7 bull elk at 40 yards waiting for it to get closer, it did, at 20 yards some of the 150 cow elk busted them and spoiled the opportunity. Two more bull elk were hit and not recovered. Six more shooter bucks were in the sights of bowhunters, one hit and not recovered, one missed, and four that caught the hunters off guard while in bow range.

The next couple weeks hunters bagged some nice bulls, and some of the best whitetail bucks during the early season. Elk hunters were into the elk with several good bulls harvested and a few missed opportunities. Seventeen of twenty one hunters over a four week period had shots on shooter animals. The cooler weather had some of the mature whitetails on their feet during daylight, and the elk rut was still sizzling in Montana. Some of the elk hunts where exceptional...!, and had guys leaving with the absolute hunt of a lifetime! One hunter said he will never have a hunt like that in the outdoors again. After he harvested his trophy 6X6 bull elk and watched it go down, a big 6X7 and 6X6 bull elk started fighting within 20 yards of him and his guide. While laying in a small creek bottom, they contemplated getting out of the way a few times as they watched in amazement at the two monarchs colliding with powerful reckless abondon right before their eyes. With so many elk down low early in the season, the archery hunts were pretty exciting with plenty of action. We had one antelope rifle hunter show up for opening week and tagged a beautiful, trophy antelope buck the very first morning.

Late October brought on the rifle season and we had our hunters arrive the day before to take advantage of opening morning. We'll likely continue this trend as two of the six elk hunters in camp harvested their bull elk on opening morning of the Montana rifle season. A huge herd of elk, with lots of bulls played a cat and mouse game with us the rest of the week but the warm weather played into their favor and kept them moving mostly at night. That would soon change!

The second week of firearm season started out the same warm weather, and then old man Winter come knocking on the door. That changed everything. The first two days during the warm weather were spent getting hunters antelope and mule deer tags filled, as well as some old, mature whitetail bucks. Once the weather turned the elk come down, and they stayed down, about 400-600 of them. With plenty of bulls to choose from the hunters were 100% successful, for the entire week on all their animals! Some great bull elk, whitetails, antelope bucks, and a mule deer buck were taken during this week.

The third week in November didn't slow down as 8 hunters harvested 9 animals, some combo hunters tagged both their elk and deer during the week. They shot two 6X6 bull elk, a 5X5 bull elk, two cow elk, two 8 points, one 9 point, and one 10 point whitetail bucks. A few whitetail archery hunters had some close encounters with one being full draw on a 10 point, and another taking two shots that neither made the photo album. The elk hunting and deer action was great all week and was about to get better, the whitetail rut was just getting started. 

During the last two weeks of the season we had seventeen hunters harvest fifteen animals, hit three animals which were not recovered, and two hunters passed on 130" deer after seeing a couple much bigger in the area. In addition, we had a hunter full draw on a shooter that spooked, and a 140" 10 point pick a hunter off at 20 yards before he could get a shot. We had 100% success on rifle elk and mule deer during the last two weeks. Nine archery whitetail hunters during the two week period harvested four bucks, and hit two other bucks that were not recovered. All 9 archery hunters had bucks of 120" or bigger within 30 yards. 

Despite a slow start to the season with lots of missed opportunities, we still had a very successful year! The 2015 hunting season photo album is complete so you can check out all the photos from last season. We thank everyone who came to Montana to enjoy Big Sky Country with us this year! The trout fishing was good for those that went fishing during their stay with us and the hunting we experienced alongside our hunters will always be remembered. Hope everyone had a great season and enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed having you with us to share the memories!

For now, we are working at filling the remaining spots for 2016 and getting ready for the Outdoor shows we have scheduled to attend during February and March. Some weeks are already full so if you're interested in booking a 2016 Montana hunt, please contact us ASAP! I have posted openings available on the news page! Call to reserve a week for 2016 if you want to experience some awesome Western big game hunting! Looking forward to next year as we continue to get bigger and better here under Big Sky country in Southwestern Montana!

On behalf of Myself, Steve, Rob, Bob, Vern, and our cooks John and John, we wanted to thank everyone again for making another season here at Montana Whitetails one we will never forget...!

Thanks for following us through the season and Happy Holidays,

Keith Miller

2018 Available dates
Posted On: 2017-04-07 15:15:01

Openings available for 2018
Archery Weeks

August 18th - 25th ( 4 Openings Archery Antelope )

August 25th - Sept. 1st  ( 3 Openings Archery Antelope ) 

September 1st - 8th ( 3 Openings )

September 8th - 15th ( 1 Opening )

September 15th - 22nd ( FULL )
September 22nd - 29th ( 7 Openings ) 
September 29th - October 6th ( 8 Openings )
October 6th - 13th ( 7 Openings )
Archery or Rifle Weeks
October 13th - 20th ( 4 Openings ) (Rifle antelope)
October 20th - 27th  
( FULL )

October 27th - November 3rd  ( 7 Openings )

November 3rd - 10th ( 4 Openings )
November 10th - 17th ( 4 Openings )
November 17th - 24th ( 7 Openings )