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11th Consecutive year, 11 Montana Whitetail trophy Bucks!

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Dave keeps coming back for more! Read along and Re-live 2 of Dave's most memorable hunts here at Montana Whitetails!. Also, check out some of Dave's past bucks he has taken while hunting with us! Read the full story

Elk Hunting in Montana with Montana Whitetails

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Did you ever want to bowhunt of rifle hunt Elk in Montana? As a professionally licensed outfitter we can offer some excellent guided trophy archery Elk hunts and rifle hunts on private property here in Montana, Region 3. Pictured are some of the Elk our clients have harvested just over the past 3 seasons alone! Read the full story

Antelope Archery Outfitter and Guided Rifle hunts In Montana

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Montana Whitetails is a licensed outfitter that offers excellent guided archery and rifle Antelope hunts on private ranches managed for trophy quality since 1998.  Read the full story

Beating Cancer To Experience A Montana Dream Hunt For Trophy Elk

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John McCrae's Bull Elk - Beating Cancer To Experience A Montana Dream Hunt For Trophy Elk has it's challenges. Follow John "Catfish" McCrae through his battle with Cancer to harvest a dream come true Montana bull Elk! See pictures of his massive bull Elk as well as us setting the stand and view from that stand while setting it over the Summer. Other great photos from this weeks hunt are included so check it out, you'll surely be touched by the beauty and meaning behind this hunt of a lifetime! God Bless You John, and congratulations! Read the full story

First Montana Guided Elk Hunting Trip

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Travis ventures to Montana with Montana Whitetails in search of his first ever bull Elk. He harvests his Elk and a Whitetail Deer rather quickly over Thanksgiving week here in Southwestern Montana, Elk Country! Read the full story

Two Years And Four Montana Trophies

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Jude overcomes a serious illness to take his dream hunt in Montana. Follow Jude in his quest through his words on his guided Montana big game hunt. Read the full story

Vinny's 1st Montana Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt

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Vinny makes his way West for his first Montana trophy whitetail deer hunt and tags a beautiful Pope & Young trophy whitetail deer! Check out photos of his buck before the season bedded in the field, pics of his treestand, trail cam photos from July in front of the stand, views from his stand, as well as Vinny's trophy Montana whitetail...! Read the full story

Hunting with Montana Whitetails...Thank you Keith!

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Dan Hodder talks about his 2 action packed trips to Montana hunting with us. Take a look at Dan's 2011, & 2012 whitetail bucks as well as his friend Mark's whitetail from 2011. Also included are photos of the elk we put a stalk on and ended up walking right into us by the end of the evening! All 3 of us were shaking with excitement watching the shot opportunities unfold while laying in 18" tall grass with 250 elk feeding in front of us, some within 35-40 yards. Check out pics of his treeline tree stand he harvested his 2012 whitetail as well as view from that stand. Lots of great photos for this one! Read the full story

Tommy's Biggest Buck Ever

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Tommy Strickland enjoys his first hunt here in Montana and harvests his biggest buck ever! Read on and follow him through his incredible hunt! Read the full story

First Hunting Trip To Montana

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Doug Noland makes his first trip to Montana a memorable one by harvesting his biggest bow buck over a decoy here during the frenzied November rut! Read the full story

Aaron Kitzman's Incredible Montana Hunting Experience!

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Follow Aaron through a week of hunting here at Montana Whitetails as he enjoys the beauty and excitement that very few places in the Country can offer! Read the full story

Montana Trifecta

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Mark makes his second trip to Montana one to remember as he punches all 3 tags in under 48 hours! Read the full story

Second Chance Archery Whitetails!

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Ross Lobell travels to Montana to finish what he started back in November, 2008. Read the full story

Bowhunting Montana Whitetails with Bowhunter Magazine

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In Montana, a river doesn't have to be glamorous to be a great whitetail destination. Read the full story

Del's Montana Early Season Trophy Whitetail

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Del waits for an opportunity to bowhunt Montana in early September and makes it count! Read the full story

Lights, Camera, & Action!

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John Lenox jumps in front of the Mossy Oak camera for an episode of "Hunting The Country" here at Montana Whitetails, Inc. Read the full story

Bob Fritz and his Son, October Whitetails!

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Bob and his son travel to Montana during October to experience Montana private river bottom archery whitetail hunting! Read the full story

2008 Montana Archery Antelope

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Kevin owens makes it two in a row, 2007 & 2008 bowhunting antelope during the rut here in Southwestern Montana! Read the full story

Chris Herbs 2008 September Archery Hunt

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Chris hunts Montana for the first time and is under pressure from the video crew! Read the full story

Montana Mule Deer Hunt

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John Lenox takes his first Montana Mule Deer! Read the full story

John Lenox Montana Bowhunt

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John takes a 136 inch Montana 9 point in late September Read the full story